Monday, June 27, 2011

Kitchen Curtains

All of our windows came with these weird blind things, that actually work great with open windows, which we always have since we have no A/C.  All except our kitchen window. It was suggested I use a roman shade, but I have no modeling around the window so that was a no go.  I watched a lot of Clean House episodes on Netflix before me moved, so I really wanted to have curtain rings, because the designer uses curtain rings on every episode.  And even if I didn't like them before, after two seasons of seeing it, I wanted it.  Just like that Big Mac.
 So obviously I made these curtains, I wanted a light airy material, I was thinking like a white seersucker stripe with maybe a little bit of silver thread in it, but I found these material instead.  I think I love it, I love the material, but I didn't want a bold print that was too in your face.  My mom assured me this was not a bold print.  I love having a kitchen curtain. I think it matches quite well with the rest of my kitchen, I think it helps pull everything together.

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  1. I love that material! Oh my goodness, I'm in love with it! And you're right--it totally pulls it all together. Perfect.