Saturday, December 13, 2008

Star or Angel?

I told my husband when I was little I thought stars were secular, because growing up my family had an angel on top of the tree. He told me he thought angels were pagan, because its like you are worshiping the angel. So I made a star, I decided to make it because it seemed easier than finding what I wanted. I wanted a star in complete glitter. I picked the wrong type of glitter, using crystal (white) colored glitter instead of silver, but I put a little silver on top of the white. If I wasn't about to pop and I wasn't feeling a little poor this holiday season, I would have redone the star is silver glitter. Here is the finished product. One version with the flash and one without the flash.

I told my mom what my husband said about the angel, and she said what does he want to do put the baby Jesus on top of the tree? I told him that, and he said, he doesn't think we should have trees in our houses. For some reason he has decided to be anti christmas tree this year.


  1. I love the household discussion. Micah and I had one quite similar this year. We haven't actually put up the Christmas tree yet. I guess we're just not doing it this year.

  2. A real Christmas tree has a star on top, with multi-colored lights, and an assortment of ornaments collected over the years by your family. This is what a family Christmas tree should look like (oh, mine would have tinsel also) in my mind. An angel goes on top of a tree that has coordinating decorations and matching ornaments and white lights. Yes, these trees are pretty, but they're not a "family" tree. That's just my opinion :)

  3. I think the star looks great! One year we made a star out of aluminum foil. It looked sad but the kids liked it. This year we will see...we don't have a tree yet.
    I think making traditions with your own family is what is really important and what kids will hang on to for years to come.
    Your husband had some weird Christmas trees in his lifetime so maybe he is just secretly sad that you have such a perfectly shaped tree and his memories are of crazy branch trees with weird homemade decorations placed with love but never color coordinated. You should find out what he is feeling so he can let it all out and enjoy your new traditional tree with your family!

  4. Bec, yeah I know why he is acting the way he is about the tree. In future years I will work with him. This year I told my mom she could buy a full size real tree since she is spending christmas here. Brent was fine with the idea of her buying a tree, until it came down to go getting the tree then he started going downhill. Her having a real perfect tree she says is payment for helping us with the baby.