Thursday, April 22, 2010

Me the sew"er"

I really enjoy sewing. I'm terrible at cutting straight, and find it difficult to use an iron with two small children. Unfortunately using a sewing machine is only about 40% of a well made project. It takes just as much time to cut as to sew. Not to mention ironing. I'm finally learning how to master my rotary cutter, for straight lines, but oh it takes work. Can someone cut for me? What about the iron, irons are so hot and heavy, and ironing boards are so rickety. I live in dire of fear of burning my children, no one is allowed by the ironing board, and I never store the iron on the board. I enjoy sewing, I especially love coming up with projects in my head, so I enjoy 50% of the project but the 10% of ironing, and the 40% of cutting I could do with out.

This pretty much sums of my life, my young toddler (she's really not a baby anymore), me, my four year old poky the puppy wandering somewhere near but not too close, and my husband, not around. (He was the one that took the picture, and its not a bad thing he wants to provide for the family by working full time, and better the family by another degree, I appreciate it all, but he is still not around.)

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