Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday Sewing

This crown is roughly based off of this lady's site. I decided I needed to make something for my son to not steal his three year birthday thunder, and I immediately thought of a picture of me in kindergarten with a HUGE pink construction paper Birthday crown on, holding cup cakes for my class. I thought yeah a birthday crown. I didn't actually read the tutorial, I just printed off the patterned, then barely used that too.
The whole reason we needed the crown was because I made the birthday apron. I am so excited about this. About a year ago I saw an birthday apron for sale for $40, a little much in my opinion, although it was quite fancy. Ever since I have wanted to make one, but you would be surprised at how hard it is to find birthday material at JoAnn's. Maybe you wouldn't, and I wasn't about to start searching quilt shops, for $15 a yard material. This was made for less than $8, plus my time. Anyway, I found this material a few days ago, and bought it, not only that it was on sale. Its not the cutest birthday stuff I could ever imagine but, beggars can be choosers. I've been looking for a year.
When I came home to cut out my material, I realized I didn't buy an trim for my apron. I had to scrounge around to see what I had. I think it turned out well with the scraps I found, it reminds me of frosting decoration. Plus since it was scraps it was paid for months/years ago. I love the pockets, I used elastic in them to make them feel/look 50's-ish.

When I was in the middle of making the apron, my son said, "whata doin mom?" I said making a birthday apron. He said "for dee?!" I said no for me. He totally didn't understand why his mom need an a birthday apron for his birthday, and you know I can understand why he didn't understand my logic. That's where the crown came in. I wanted to embroider a cupcake on above Happy Birthday, but my son said no a star. See I had shown him the website with tutorial, and he said yeah, a birthday crown with a star, for me. So I had to go with what he wanted and not with what I wanted. But I had to show him the site because there is no way I was going to make a birthday crown if he didn't want one. It was pretty easy to do, I didn't use wool felt, because well wool felt is expensive, and I only had white at home. And I was not about to go buy any, I used fabric scraps, that my son picked out.
Hopefully in a few years my son will not think I'm stealing his birthday thunder by wearing a birthday apron, but instead be excited when he sees it. Oh its party time, the birthday apron is out. Yes, I know I'm weird, frumpy and old lady like, did we already have a post about that.
But at least I have mad sewing skills.
Moral of this post, I don't imagine anything, I just copy everything.

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