Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have had a bad case of cabin fever. I've wanted to get out of the house, but haven't wanted to make my infant leave too much during the winter. The park is too cold, the only places warm enough are stores, or the library. And as anyone of multiple children know, each child doubles the shopping time.
To help prevent cabin fever, I have gone back to my crafting ways. I wasn't going to do any projects the first couple of months of my daughter's life, because I didn't want too much on my plate. But there is only so much reading and watching movies I can take as a shut in. So I've started making stuff again. Girly Stuff!
I made HEADBANDS! (Some people I'm related to, do not like little girls in headbands. I love them! Assuming they don't leave read elastic marks on their head, I think that is sad.) I made the fat nylon headband.
And we also have the skinny elastic headband. I had planned to make headbands before she was born, but christmas crafts were more timely.And all sorts of different flowers to attach to the top.
Here is the purple collection. Obviously she does not have hair for the plain clips, but I was in the mood.
I bought all these pretty gerber daiseys at Michaels, unfortunately I didn't measure her head in comparsion. They are the same size, they will have to wait.
The best for her head size, are scrapbooking flower embelleshments. Here are some solids I made.
Here are the poka dots!

Unfortuantly none of them match with the dresses that fit her now. I need to go back out and find some that do.


  1. so fun! and amazing work :) I don't even attempt crafts.

  2. when I have a girl, I will come to you to get the instructions on how to make these- I have heard its super cheap!

  3. You need to teach me! Where do you find the flowers and what do you use for the thick headbands. I bought some for my girls but they weren't cheap. Please email me at I'd love to make some more for my girls. I wish I was naturally crafty but I'm pathetic. Not sure why I have two girls, haha!

  4. I was just at Quilted Bear today checking out headbands, trying to figure out how to make some on my own. So I am wondering where you got your supplies, I know the flowers are from the craft store, but what about the alligator clips? And did you just hot glue the flowers and the center "jewel embellishment" thing together? And by the way, I am so jelious that you have so much time to do fun stuff like this and have the two kids! I can hardly find time to shower some days, it's ridiculous! So good for you!!

  5. Due to popular request I will make a post about how to. I don't know if I do it the "correct" way, but it worked for me. Hopefully I won't get anyones hopes up, and then them think these are not professional they are not. I don't have time to do this. But I chose to instead of doing things like showering or cooking dinner. Not to mention I have a three year gap, so my first is a little more self manageable. Not to mention when I made these my husband was home. He was being nice so I wouldn't go insane I'm sure. I'm not that motherly or domestic.

  6. For the record, I think headbands are cute and all, I just don't like trying to keep them on the squirmy little fiend. I have a hard enough time keeping my sanity in places like church without adding one more thing to jostle.

    Yellow is a good color for your baby, mine doesn't do so well in yellow.

  7. When I said some of my relatives, I was referring to my sister and dad.