Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Really I did not post these pictures for the holiday. I'm posting to show off. I made a matching hair bow to match her dress. Plus I made the shoes, remember. I thought she looked so cute, with the whole matching outfit for church. Which is slightly ridiculous, since she likes to be swaddled, and stays covered in a blanket the whole time.
She cries just like me and her brother. If our next child does not have my sad genes we won't know they are upset, because Brent never looks upset, only the rest of us. She has the same sad lip that J has, that they get from me. My brothers use to tease me when I was little say, oh we've gone too far, here comes the lip.
Ha, I didn't mean to post this one. But heck, isn't she cute?
Incidentally her second cousin has the same dress.

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