Monday, May 17, 2010

Necklaces from December

After christmas my husband and I spent almost a $100 on beads and other supplies for jewelry. All I have to show for it is this purple necklace. That's not really true, but this is one of the necklaces I made with those supplies.
I also made this turquoise necklace. All the turquoise beads were from my mom's supplies she let me have. But I did buy all the silver after christmas.

Unfortunately the long silver beads aren't the best of quality, and the large turquoise is quite heavy, so after wearing it for a month, my daughter busted the string when pulling on it. When I restrung it I double strung it, hopefully it lasts. Here's crossing my fingers. Miraculously, when it busted we didn't lose any beads.

I've thought for a long time those big turquoise breads were pretty so I tried to find some that were the same but less invasive. Which I didn't accomplish which is why I made the turquoise necklace afterward. These are just little jade beads.

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