Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pink Princess

I made my niece a birthday crown to go with the Burger King toy we have been saving for her. Its Pinkalicious. I've now made so much stuff I really should read the book.
When I planned to crown in my head I didn't plan on the pink cupcake but I already had a crown cut out with fusible stiffness on it, and a cupcake drawn on. So I was forced to embroider. All of the jewels on the cupcake are going to fall off except the top pink one. The large purple ones and the pink one where the only ones with sewing holes, the rest are glued on and will fall off. Oh well, its not perfect, not only that I did a bad job on the back elastic.

J wears his birthday crown all the time. As you may recall I made one last year for him. He loves it, and during his birthday this year he wore it for a week straight.

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