Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cupcakes for their Daughter, my niece

We went to the party for my new(er) niece, and my son and I made really girly flouncy cupcakes for the big sister. She has been very interested in pink cupcakes because of the book Pinkalicious. (I've never read the book, or seen the cover until today.) I couldn't decided what decoration to use, so I did all three, I think it turned out for the best with all three. The L is not for my name and not for love, its for the niece who the party was for name. The cupcakes were a success, more than one niece loved them. Niece A. S. was very flowing with her complements of the pink cupcakes.
What picture do you like better? Its the exact same except for the color.

I guess I should have made Elizabeth Kann's Pink Velvet cupcakes.

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  1. I thin they turned out very cute pink and delicious.