Saturday, February 20, 2010

Flower Clips/Headband Tutorials (not mine)

I feel totally guilty, because over a year ago my friend Jenny asked me to explain how to make hair clips with flowers for girls. It is super easy, unfortunately it is not super easy to take pictures of yourself doing it. I never found a willing photographer. Every time I made clips I felt guilty and googled how to hair clips, figuring someone would have made a tutorial way better than I ever could have, but never had success until tonight.
Hooray its not me, Here is how to make a clippie/lined barrette, if you want to put a flower omit the bow steps after page 3, step 11 and glue a daisy or some other flower on. You can also bust apart the daisy, buy rhinestones and glue that one where the center of the daisy was. If you are interested in this tutorial, and you don't think you will remember steps I would print it out/save it on your computer, these things seem to get deleted off the internet quickly. Seriously save it now.
To make the headband is super easy, I doubt you even need to sew. Take nylons/tights/pantyhose, in desired color, measure around the size of your daughter's head, giving yourself about a half an inch before you cut, for seam allowance. Glue or sew you nylons/tights/pantyhose in a circle so it makes a headband shape. Then take some ribbon, and loop it around the headband seam. Glue the ribbon ends around the headband seam on only on the back side so it creates a loop to slide your clips in. See the loop on the front, not glued on, perfect for sliding clips in. Does that make any sense, if not email me, leave me a comment something.If you live by a specialty lace shop or sewing shop you can also buy stretchy lace and make a headband from that instead of tights. I know where one is by my house, but be warned JoAnns does not sell stretchy lace.
Here are the clippies I made tonight.See how the clip opens, imagine sliding that on the loop on the headband.
There are a few more free tutorials but not much on this page.
My favorite is the bugs bows.
By the way, these tutorials are for personal use, meaning you can't sell what you are making based on their instructions.
By the way I have never sealed the ends of my ribbon.

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