Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We made valentines

We made valentines in our house. I made valentine boxes for everyone, because well I'm silly and enjoy doing silly things. It took me three boxes until I finally figured out how to make them look good, so then I ripped the paper off the ugly ones and started all over. I used old kleenex boxes. The key with covering boxes, is using two pieces of scrapbook paper, that meet on the middle of the top of the box. Then folding the paper that over laps on the short ends of the box, and cutting so it doesn't bunch and then cutting a new square and covering up where the paper doesn't match up. I know that doesn't really make sense. But I feel like I'm my part to save other people time. I'm quite excited about a valentine's party for my son next year in preschool if you can't tell. My son is really into letters this year, so its fun for him to make valentines for everyone and put them in mailboxes. Plus I've been using scraps of paper and writing little phrases to put in my kids boxes, they will have fun pulling them out. Plus I always HAVE to make my husband a valentines/birthday card. My boxes make me happy, and I think I'll have to find space to save them for next year.
My son made valentines for his grandmas. I love them. He is getting so "advanced" in his artwork. It was totally his idea to make little heart people.

Plus here he is writing his name for store bought valentines. Yes, we hit all the angles in our house, homemade paper doily ones, and store bought super hero ones.

I love school platonic valentine parties. I can't wait for February 2011, and elementary school after that. As far as romantic lusted induced valentines day I couldn't care less. I never once had a "i love a boy" valentine until after I was married, and I have never had a traditional romantic valentines day since its my hubby's birthday, and I'm totally ok with continuing our tradition of breaking tradition. Not to mention my husband is hardly the romantic type, a personality trait that is perfect for me.


  1. We're not very romantic either. Sometimes we try to do traditionally romantic things like dress up & go out to a nice dinner... but it still feels the same, we just end up paying more for dinner without feeling like it was worth it.

  2. Fun activity! Hope you get lots of cards and kisses from you kids!