Monday, May 24, 2010

Play Food, going nuts

I really would like to have a play kitchen. One of the house we were looking at buying a year and half ago, had the bizarrest mother in law kitchen you ever saw in the basement. We had visions of turning it into a play house-- that was actually my husband's idea. But I loved it even more because it was his. Anyway, the house is long gone, but I still would love to have a play kitchen. I'm now on the look out for fake food I could make out of calicoes, after that carrot. It was so fun!
Here are about a million sites online that talk about take food crafts. Most are felt but I don't have felt, I would like to do calico instead because its prettier. Anyway, I didn't want to lose them so here they are so I can find them at later dates.
My fun started on homemade by jill.
I would love to copy the kitchen. I knew I could make one, but I didn't know how until looking here. Here is another play kitchen. Plus how fantastic directions, and her flickr group. DIY furniture overwhelms me I hated painting our kitchen chairs. And here is yet another.
I love the egg, or instead of fried eggs the whole egg
My kids eat tomato slices with their dad
See this is totally my style on V and Co, we love to eat strawberries
bananas or corn, one's a favorite of the little one, the other the big one
oh we love ice cream and graham crackers
not to mention birthday cake, I love the candles, like so love
How could we have a play kitchen without sugar cookies (don't see them, keep scrolling)
Bread and about a billion more ideas
Grapes, but really should I just buy my kids non toy plastic grapes because they are sooo fun to squeeze?
I don't really like the taste of fortune cookies, but in idea I love them.
"I make stuff" gave me lots of picture ideas which is super helpful, because I don't read instructions
What about some dirt for a garden, I like the foam pool noodle idea.
Oh and I guess I should post lettuce, even if it is rabbit food, I guess we do have a lot rabbits in our house (5 stuff bunnies, my husband says they multiple like real rabbits), could easily do that with some great green calico
Plus lets not forget the donuts, we absolutely love donuts, well all except dad who thinks they are a waste of money.
I'm not sure if I'm actually the type of person capable of making a play kitchen, but I can dream and convince my mom she wants to help. I do know I'm definitely the type of person that will at least make half a dozen pieces of fake food with material before I decided I'm done! (a pun intended, done means cooked, the proper word there would be finished.)
You may wonder why I posted this instead of just using my web's bookmarks, its because computers in my house have a nasty habit of being reformed and then all my bookmarks disappear. Which why my husband says I should use foxmarks, but foxmarks, or xmarks, whatever it is called these days always ends up deleting all my bookmarks, I gave up.

And nothing to do with anything, but last time I was talking to Teresa say mentioned bean bags. Bean Bags would be a fun way to use up my scraps, my kids LOVE bean bags.

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