Monday, May 3, 2010

Only one Sister

My sister had a girl, which is great, there are entirely too many boys in my family. So of course she got a baby blanket. Its so bright and fun, I think at least. My sister at least use to like brights for babies and kids, not pastels.
Then since I only have one sister, I can't just send a blanket. So I thought she might be in need of a keychain. She is an urban mother after all, and I can't even imagine walking places with two kids.
But honestly that just wasn't enough when you only have one sister. Here baby is going to be a summer baby, so I sent some large summer baby sheets. Not sheets, just one layer blankets. My daughter wouldn't have survived last summer without these types of blankets, even though she is a winter baby, because she loves blankets SOO much.
The whole care package. I sent some flower toys, that I DID NOT make to my older niece, she doesn't need to be left out. And they were all sent in an overly large bright starry bubble mailer. The last of its kind (long story).

Just for the record, my sister does speak French, so she will know what the blanket says. I do not, but I bought the material because I thought it was cute, not because my sister speaks french. Here are some internet translations.
Ma Poule is my hen, luckily I the first page I found, informed me that french have a lot of pet names from farm animals. Whether this is true or not, is beside the point, textbooks are not real life. Anyway, I guess basically any farm animal can be a pet name.
Petite Cocotte is my little hen (informal)
Cot Cot Codet I guess is cluck cluck

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