Friday, September 28, 2007

Picture Update

Last week, my ward had super saturday. I made way too much, my husband will tell we do not need more holiday crafts. But this metal magnet board is perfect for me. When my husband saw it he said you made that? with a smile on his face, I said yeah, its perfect for me isn't it? And he laughed saying yeah. Now I have to make fun festive magnets for it.
This I thought would be cute to put with the presents under the tree, although I do have a kid, so who knows how that will work. So this bow looks so ugly. But everyone told me it was great, but compared to the bows my mother and aunts make it looks so awful. Everyone told me I should make everyone elses, and I said oh no, I am so ashamed of this. But then I did end up making a girls bow because she needed help and she did like mine. Oh, but I'm ashamed to have produce a bow like this, with the type of bows my mother and aunts make. One of my aunts wraps presents the most extravagant way. She says it one of her favorite parts of christmas.
Although I do have too many christmas decorations, I didn't feel like a fall one, would be adding too much. Sorry the picture is blurry, but it looks pretty much the same without the headache. They designed super saturday we people like me in mind. Well not really, I didn't spend all day there, my crafts took less than two hours, and that is with chasing my kid all over the place, since he had to come with me, because my husband took the scouts out camping.

This is what happens when you are an only child, and your mom is a princess and a pea.


  1. That is a funny picture!
    By the way, my kids never wear camo...must be a Utah cousin thing.

  2. Just for the record. We do not like camo that is any color shade other than green and brown. We like to hide outside in bushes, trees, and dirt, not at the mall, or the circus.

  3. Oh, and I was thinking... Your crafts are just about nearly identical to some of the ones that we have for our Super Saturday. Is this an example of the like mindedness that will bring us all to exhaltation, or are these the mandatory ideas passed down from the General Relief Society Presidency?