Monday, September 10, 2007

project project project

I have so many projects to do, I am almost done with one, but the idea of restarting any of my other projects is totally overwhelming. I can't finish the one I'm almost done with because I need more black embroidery floss and I don't have a car seat to go buy more with. Here is a list of all my projects waiting to be finished or made...
  • I have an apron to finish
  • An alphabet book to make
  • An alphabet quilt to make, I think I should try another take at quilting, last time the results were terrible, but this time I understand better- I am going to try again, but first I need my birthday rotary cutter
  • I have embroidery pillow patterns to finish
  • Scrapbooks to start and finish
  • A skirt without a pattern to make
  • A Halloween costume to create, hubbt wants me to make a banana suit for Jo, I am at a loss on how to do that
  • Christmas stockings -- 9 I think, the number gets bigger every year, at least it gives me a present for my dad, assuming he gains a grandchild every year, no he didn't get 9 new grandkids, I also make stockings for many of my siblings and their families. So that usually means every kid that is born in my family gets two stockings from my creation
  • Birthday cards to make
  • Pictures to scan in for my scrapbooks that are being waited to make
  • And many more crafts that are sitting in my head, but I don't start because well... I used to live underneath a girl who fills her idle time with projects, who had a lot of paints, and so I never invested in them, and now I don't live anywhere near her or her paints, which means I leave all the paint ideas in my head
  • Oh I also have an old shirt of my husbands that I cut up to make a shirt for my son with, because that was my husband's dream in life and now the shirt is just in pieces, I'm a failure what can I say.
  • I also have cake decorating books waiting to be learned from but yet... I haven't baked since I got the books, I either had homework or it is too hot outside
  • I also have dreams of learning how to cook with beans, legumes and lentils--they are so healthy for you, and my husband doesn't really care for food so why not eat healthy, but yet, that is just sitting in my brain, first I need a cookbook for that type of stuff.
Really the truth is with all the ideas waiting for me to make, how can anyone expect for me to get anything do, my head is always planning so many ideas, it doesn't have time to make any of the ideas. Heck this is just so much work to remember all the things I have stored in my craft boxes.
  • Oh I also have baby flannel rag quilt, that is all cut up that is waiting to be sewed. There is a reason I picked unisex colors for the quilt, I knew by the time I finished sewing it my boy would no longer be a baby.
  • Plus so many other projects that I find in magazines and on the internet, that my brain starts planning out. Like I found these cute little flannel baby shoes in an old copy of Martha Stewart, luckily I don't have a little baby so the shoes can also wait.
  • Embroider Tea Towels
  • Baby Blankets for upcoming nieces
See I just can't get anything done because I have too much to do, that is why I posted three things today. Ahh. I did do some useful things, I went through my piles of boxes like I previous mentioned.
I guess we'll see what tomorrow has in store maybe I'll work on projects and maybe I'll be lazy, or maybe i'll clean my house, that needs to be done too. This is the reason I don't own a TV... I am not responsible enough with my time, books at least might make me smarter, while we all know TV does nothing of the sort.

Oh by the way this is the blanket I made for my oldest brother's kid who was born in July I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure thats when it was. I love the little ducks! I am getting some projects done.


  1. so cute love the duck blanket!
    I think you are winning the project idle race against Pam. You both are tied for getting a quilt done...don't forget Halloween is coming...what will the costumes be?

  2. I'm not trying to race with pam. Her stuff is so much cooler than mine, and more original. I just make run of the mill crafts. My blankets should never be compared to Pam's quilts. Pam's are like masterpieces. Mine take less than two hours to make.