Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday I made a sling. I wanted a way to carry my son without spending a $100 on a babyback carrier that didn't involve a stroller. I loved my Baby Bjorn, but since he hasn't fit into that in almost a year, I needed something. Not to mention, I am traveling with my son once again on a plane, and I'm so sick of traveling with a stroller. You spend more time closing and opening the stroller one handing while holding a kid then you do pushing the kid in it. You have to close it up to go through security then open it again, then you have to stand in line to get a gate check thing, and then you have close it up again to get on the airplane, then wait for everyone to get off while they get your stroller for you, and then open it back up. Its a nightmare. I already planned to not take the stroller before I decided to make the sling. I decided to go with the sling, when I started to realize every time I hold my kid on my hip for long periods of time, I get a bruise. I got the pattern from Jan Andrea's Baby Craft site: (this is the pattern)
I picked out this material, its striped denim, the site said I should to pick up a bottomweight material, for the safety of my child:
The sling is suppose to be like these at this site, Hot Slings. I don't quite know if it turned out that well, but mind you I don't have a professional taking my pictures. Not to mention, the slings are pretty with all their paisley and floral material, but I thought I should pick something more masculine for my son. But I did save $30 by making it myself. Here it is:
I added a pocket to put my keys and wallet it, it can be seen in the first picture. I didn't want a sling with rings. (No offense to you ring slingers.) I wanted on that could fold up super small, so thats its a tube sling, since its fitted the one I made really only fits people the same size as me.
I had to get two yards of material and cut it lengthwise it gave me enough material to make two slings. I made one for hubby since he is longer than me, especially with his broad shoulders. (Since I made two I actually saved $75) Now Hubby doesn't have to carry my son on his shoulders when we go on hikes. I'm not quite sure which way is more comfortable for him though.

My son really liked being in the sling. Hubby said my son might not like it where he didn't grow up being in one, but he would usually fuss when I would take him out and put him back on the ground. I guess he finally likes us to hold him.


  1. Awesome...I love the masculine material. Pam made a sling which was also ringless. I was always so envious.
    When I flew to portland with my baby I also didn't take the stroller. BUT they still had me take the baby out of the sling to go through security. GRRRRR

  2. Kami makes slings without rings too. I can't ever get them to feel comfortable on me. Must be because the sling is fit for Kami and not me.

  3. I never made one without rings. Kami gave me one though. I made one with rings, in the style of the Maya Wrap, but it took longer to get the kid in the sling than the kid actually lasted being in the sling, so I never used it much. I always find that slings make me hold my body in odd ways to counterbalance the weight of the kid, and it makes me hurt funny, so I have decided that I'd rather just hold them. In theory I like the sling, but in practice I haven't found one that made life easier.