Thursday, September 27, 2007

AHH! help please!

So I have an activity day activity coming up on saturday. I have been dreading, the only thing I could come up with is making family trees. WHY?! Did I pick that? I'll tell you why the Faith in God book has it has a requirement. Ahh, why did I pick this?! this looks awful. (By the way, I am cameraless and the paper was too big for my scanner, thats why it is cut off, and the thing in the top left corner is the bottom of a butterfly). Someone help me give me ideas on how to make this better by Saturday. Or do you think the 8-11 year old girls won't notice it looks awful. I've figured out these girls don't have as high of craft standards as I do. Maybe it will be fine for them. Oh, but to me it looked so much better in my head.
One thing I did fix, was on my tree templates my branches are skinner at the end, I think that will help. And I don't really mean for the girls to do pink leaves, I picked it so I wouldn't waste the right color paper for the girl's trees but then I realized maybe they'll want to do crazy looking trees. The tree looks a little leafless but I don't know how to add more leafs since we aren't in a polygamists ward. I mean a couple is made of two people, which means one leaf per branch, so I can't fix that problem. But if anyone has suggestions, please. I'm freaking out. I need advice, and right. Please suggestions. or at least meaningless complements lie to me, tell me the 8 years old will love it, and most likely only 6 will show up anyway. But if you have useful suggestions then don't lie tell me the cold hard truth.


  1. Make your leaves bigger! And would it be so bad to have blank leaves of a different color to fill it in?

    And can you have fallen leaves on the ground of people yet to be born or people to pick from for future marriages? Then if your tree is bare it can be explained as a fall scene.

    Don't forget to have a squirrel on a branch.

    Oh, how about if the tree has leaves and the nuts are the peoples names?

    Oh, I just noticed those are not nuts but leaves too. So, my next suggestion is to have only one leaf type per tree.

  2. Put a big bubbly leaf background behind the branches and then put the leaves with the names on the front like you have it. It's really not so bad.

  3. Awesome! I want my little Achievment girl come to your activities!!!!!
    I think it looks great and has so much potential! I would add FRUIT!!!
    And everything kim already said. Pam what bubble stuff?