Friday, September 7, 2007

Telling Time

I wanted to make my son a clock to match the fabulous quilt my sister in law, Pam made for him. Here is the clock:

Yeah, I know it is no where near as cool as the quilt, but I think it matches fairly well. I went to the scrapbook store with the quilt in hand and it was so hard to find papers that matched. Most of the papers where either floral, or girly colors, mostly both. (By the way the uneven stitching on the clock, is not a copy of the quilt, Pam did an excellent job on making the stitching even, and perfect.)
Here they are together on the wall, best friends, until my son out grows the manly childhood decorations of his youth.


  1. Great clock. Did you sew the paper on the sewing machine? And then glue it on there? I like the numbers. (that sounds like a funny arbitrary compliment, but I do. I really do like the numbers.)