Friday, October 23, 2009


My son was asking to make a pumpkin cake from the front of Family Circle Magazine. I didn't have round pyrex, so we just made a flat cake. I should have looked at the cover before decorating, it would have been easier to figure out the mouth. As you can tell my mouth had issues. After doing the black M&Ms, I realized the cake had plenty of sugar and didn't need the orange M&Ms. If you click to enlarge the photo you will notice my son added orange sprinkles for cheeks, and hair-- his idea. The "punkin" also has an orange M&M stem.
We made one round cake, and 12 cupcakes.
My son decorated all the cupcakes but one, this is my favorite one that he did. He then wanted to have a Halloween Party with his friends, which I was totally willing to oblige. He made the invitations, and I started planning, a Halloween Party for 6 Preschoolers, until I found out they all have swine flu. Does that mean we are next, it is harboring in our immune systems waiting to reek havoc? Only time will tell.
Here is our finished Pumpkin Army.

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