Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Sewing

Yesterday I had fun sewing.
I made a Halloween apron. I think this is the end of the Holiday Aprons. Hooray. I am very excited about this apron, I used my birthday money to buy the material. (Life as a MBA student's wife makes the budget tight.)

I think I'm done with my Holiday Aprons.
I have:
My son had been asking for me to make his something. And he especially liked this Halloween material he picked it out last year after Halloween on 70% clearance. The last halloween bag I made him is still too huge for him. So I decided to make him one his size.

I'm not sure why I make my child such fancy things. He couldn't care less, he probably would have liked a simpler bag-- ie the straps. Plus its fully lined inside. He asked for his name to be sewn on the bag. (The yellow material makes it look even fancier, but I used that to make it easier to embroider his name, the white would have shown my stitches and it would have taken twice as long to try to hid them.)
I tried to mimic the bag on the print of the material. That's why it has so many handles. When I asked him what he thought of the back, I expected him to say, "Probably good", that is what he usually says. Instead I got an "I don't know" and a look away. Sad, for me and my pride.

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