Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another burlap wreath

The morning after Halloween I was ready to purge/ clean. I wanted all the costumes packed, all the leaves tracked in from trick or treating gone. Apparently I got a little ambitious. By lunch all the Halloween specific decorations were gone and leaving only fall decor in which the pilgrims and Indians were added to. Turns out I was down a wreath. I hung my fall wreath from last year outside and made a new one for my wine rack.
I used burlap ribbon with ivory tulle ribbon to soften the burlap a tad. Then  I wanted it easy so I used my old school sizzix to cut out mini felt leaves. I wish I had dies with larger leaves but I do like the mini aspect. I also decides I wanted a mum garden on my wreath since in effort to save money this year I didn't buy fall flowers for my planter pots outside. 
Of course I found thanksgiving subway art to match. 

Lastly I made mini felt leave garland for my back door valance. 

I was finished with my new decorations by Friday evening it was great.  

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