Friday, February 22, 2008

Ma Jo

I totally found what I totally need!!
Seriously, if I was one of those rich people who thought of dollars like cents, and $35 was more like $0.35 I would totally buy it. I especially wanted it after my cute boy sitting on my lap said, "ma ma jo" that sealed the deal, if I would had $35 burning a whole in my pocket, it would have already been ordered. From this girl's etsy site.It is totally life like too! I have long legs, I like shinny accessories like sequins tutus and I love mary janes, I cross my legs, even if it has been giving me spider veins since I was 16. Not to mention we have affinity for bird in our house, I blame that on my husband. The only thing that will get me over not having them, is that they are 5 and 8 inches tall, and that is a little too big for my taste. I think 4 and 2 inches would be good.


  1. your creative just make them....

  2. Yup, I agree, you can totally make these yourself. I usually don't like polka dots too much, but when I saw that the mama bird had polka dots on her back, I thought "Hmmmm, those are nice polka dots." So when you make them...make sure you include the polka dots.