Tuesday, March 3, 2009

pass sis a fire

That's how my son pronounces it, spaces and all. I didn't even know he knew the word until his aunt told me he was saying it one day at her house before the babe was born. She said he didn't learn it from us, we call it a binky.
My son refused to take a pacifier. I use to force it in his mouth holding it there the entire time, when I could no longer mentally handle him wanting to nurse. Some times we just needed to go longer than 45 minutes between feedings. My daughter is totally different, she goes anywhere from 3-5-or more hours between feedings. Always has, the nurses weren't so happy in the hospital, but they got over it. She took a pacifier a few times, which made me think, she might always take it. So I gathered stuff I already had, and made her a pacifier clip. Pretty good for free. Especially better than then those Micky Mouse ones in the grocery store.
The jokes on me, she has only used the pacifier about three times since I made the clip. Whenever I try to give it to her, when she isn't hungry, she immediately loses all desire to suck. Not the intended purpose of the pacifier, but works all the same. Since she goes awhile in between feedings, I never give it to her.
I thought she was so cute with the pacifier, one day she took it for over an hour, but we were out of the house and I didn't have a camera, she hasn't really wanted it since then, so I take pictures when I can, but they aren't really as cute as I'd like. I love how big it looks on her little face.

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  1. My midwife said that sometimes babies need to just suck to help them digest. When baby V. was so colicky and screamed the first month of her life we gave her the pacifier and it helped her not to spit so much and it also helped her tummy feel better. She didn't want to eat more she just wanted to suck and this really did sooth her. I used to be so against pacifiers but after her I am all for them.
    Our tiny boy gets really tired in the evening and doesn't want to swallow so I pop a pacifier in and he happily sucks away for a few minutes and falls asleep and spits it out. It is like a wonder tool for babies!