Saturday, March 14, 2009


Remember this sling I made for my son. Well my daughter now rides in it.
Well I wanted something girlier so I made this one recently. Lesson learned, Read instructions before cutting. I just barely had enough material, because I cut wrong. But since I bought the material, I realized since its green brown and yellow flowers its totally unisex.
We use the slings all the time, because she doesn't like the carseat. I'm glad I have two because movement makes her spit everywhere so they get washed all the time! Before she could hold her head up she liked the baby bjorn better, but now that she can face outward, we use the sling usually every other day.

Actually I made up all that stuff and just wanted to be like pam. Except the fact, that I really did make the first sling so I could wear my son. I made the second because I needed to wear my baby at the Draper Temple open house, and didn't want to wear demin.


  1. Sorry I never told you how wide my sling was. When ever I remembered to measure it there was a baby in it. In any case, now that she is a bit bigger I think I want one that is about two inches wider, making it a bit deeper. Is yours lined on the inside or just one piece of fabric?

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