Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For our celebration, I pulled out 5 left over unfrosted cupcakes from my son's birthday from the freezer, and we frosted them with green frosting. We had way more frosting then cupcakes, so we also decorated graham crackers. I'm a fan of frosting and graham crackers. I will admit this was a selfish celebration, I got two new frosting tips last week, and wanted to try them out. First was the basket weave.
Second was the grass/hair tip. This is my favorite tip. Does this look like grass?We also got out the other tips, and played around with the leaf one.I gave my son a chance to decorate his cupcake, before he got too bored with my fun.
It took me forever to figure out how to make a shamrock with the leaf tip. I finally figured out to do it backwards.
My son resurfaced to eat shamrock graham crackers. He remembered they were called shamrocks, from a St. Patrick's Day book we got from the library, it was very informative. We learned all about the catholic/irish holiday.
Here are some finished products of the shamrock graham crackers.
I was thinking it would be fun once my kids were in school, to send them these in their lunches on Saint Patrick's Day. I always liked the holiday a lot, since my middle name is Erin, and my parents always told us our last name was Irish, although I'm not sure if I believe them, I think it might actually be English.
We finished off the day eating, potatoes. Are potatoes Irish? My husband was telling me about the Irish during Europe's Potato famine, so in my mind we needed potatoes.

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