Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Summer/Spring Door Hanging

I wanted some easter or something hanging, but didn't want to spend much. I had been putting it off buying something, but I also really wanted to display some fake floral Gerber daisies in my house since the headbands, because I thought they were just SO pretty. I wanted them in all their long stem glory, and didn't have a vase nearly tall enough. Then the other night as I was falling asleep it struck me! I had to go the store the next day, and I created this! For only 5 dollars, all the Easter wreathes were at least $15. Plus I can keep it up until fall.

It makes me so happy to see them from inside my house. I asked my little brother if he liked them when he came to visit me. He said, when he pulled up he could see them and he thought, I'm at Lesli's house. Yeah I know I fish for complements.
I also bought this fake grass when I was at the store. I have a thing for fake grass lately. According to JD this duck's head is on backward, I always thought it was looking over its shoulder. Maybe I just have a thing for perfect grass, and our real stuff outside the rental is anything but perfect.

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  1. Those flowers look so pretty on your door. That was a really good idea.