Saturday, January 25, 2014

Big Brother Shirts

Everyone has grown out of the big sister or big brother or baby brother shirts from a year and half ago.  So I guess it was time to make new ones, actually my 7 year old kept talking about his future big brother shirt when the new baby came.  I probably would have tried to skip this tradition, if it wasn't for his excitement.  This time around, I really hated this craft. The only reason I started or finished was my love for my oldest child.  (That is the common refrain for the crafts posted today. I didn't enjoy the craft at all, but I did it so my child would feel loved. In a way it makes sense, they watch me make lots of things for the new baby, so it helps a little for them to get new things I've made. They beg for far more than I make them, but how many mini pillows and doll/teddy bear blankets does one house need.)
As you can see I did not go over the top this time, they are as simple as I could make them barring using a sharpie instead of embroidery. I didn't want white shirts, but I had white shirts for everyone but the oldest, so it was far cheaper and easier this way.
They say, Baby Brother
Little Big Brother (I never could figure out what order the adjectives should go in)
Big Sister with a heart
Biggest Brother
Hope my children enjoy them, I hate them.

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