Saturday, January 25, 2014

Door Hangers

My 7 and 5 year old really love things on their bedroom door, to indicate it is their room. When we moved around bedroom roommates, the toddler is now with the 5 year old, because the baby will be with the 8 year old.  (His birthday is coming, I guess both of their birthdays.)  I made new door hangers, but mostly because the old ones were wooden and made too much noise, making me crazy.  
 The embroidery isn't original designs, I saw them on pinterest, which probably came from etsy. They were on hoops not quilt squares though.  There is something about me in my third trimester that is drawn to making children's bedroom decor from unfinished quilt squares.  (Check out a year and half ago. Here and here.)
I love them, because they are silent, and each kid has their own.  But overall I ended up hating this project.  I had to will myself to finish.  I'm having the hardest time naming this baby, so his square doesn't have a name. 
Speaking of names, last night my oldest suggested Elvis Lee.  Kind of catchy actually, but I'm not using it.

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