Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine Flowers

I don't think my husband has bought me flowers since we got married.  He does this thing from time to time when we are at the store asking if I want flowers.  One day, I called him on it, I said, of course I don't want flowers if I know they cost $20.  He said well if I don't offer when you can see the price then you'll want me to waste our money.  At least he knows me. I could also buy myself flowers, I buy myself loads of presents, but yet I don't because who wants to waste the money? Not me.  But I do like flowers, so I end up making flowers with scrap of fabric and other craft items that cost zero dollars.  On Saturday I decided I wanted some Valentine's flowers, so of course I had to make them before my baby is born.  I decided this tulle poof, Dr. Seuss trulia flowers were what I needed. 
 Then I used an old jar I had laying around for a vase. I used this tutorial.
 But my valentine flower needs did not end there.  The fabric flowers I had next to my subway art, clashed quite awfully with my wreath and valentine subway art, so I decided to make some really easy flowers with my glue gun.
Considering it has snowed all day, its nice to have all these cheery valentine's flowers around my house.

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