Monday, January 20, 2014

New Pillows

Months ago it became very apparent I needed new pillows, the stuffing was so flat by that point.  But pillows are not something my husband cares about so it seemed like they should come out of my personal budget not the family budget. (Camping gear comes out of his personal budget not the family budget so it only seems fair.) Well it took me a while to find the money in my budget, but I finally did.  So I FINALLY made new pillows for my black chairs in my living room.  I've only been planning new pillows since about May.  So this is a huge deal for me!  These prints are not the fabric I had been saving for the pillows, but I changed my mind when I actually started the project.  Hooray, for the project.  I'm pretty sure I have a funky style, because I picked this bunny print out of my fabric storage.  I had been saving it for something special, and I feel like my living room pillow is that.  It reminds me of old bunny.  (My oldest has given up old bunny, in fact a few months ago he said we could give it away.  Like I could ever give away old bunny, its now on the top of his book shelf, leaving me forlorn that my baby grew up.)
 Next I made this one.
 Here is another shot.
 Then I stared at my couch, something was wrong its been wrong for a while. When all of sudden realize there was too much brown between the pillow and the quilt.  So I made a new pillow.  I need new forms on my couch too, but they aren't as pathetic and I didn't want to blow my whole personal budget on pillows in one week. When I get new forms, I probably won't make new covers.

Here is my oldest at about 21 months with his old bunny, and his uncle.  Logically I don't miss my oldest being little, he exasperated me for years, 3-5 are not my favorite ages, but oh my heart does miss that pudgy little boy, now he is bean pole.

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