Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Halved Pillows

I redid my pillows for our new arm chairs. I pulled them apart and cut everything in half including the pillow form and sewed it back up. I am trying to decide if I like them.
I also made green bobbles for my vase out of cotton balls covered material. Yarn would have been better but I didn't have spring green yarn.
Once I moved around my side furniture that definitely improved things. Still I think that wall could use some lighting up. All in due time. I have plans and my husbands willingness. Back to the point, how do the pillows look?

Hmm, maybe too matchy. Maybe this is better, I flipped one around so the stripes are different.  Yes, I love stripes.  Yes, I realize this picture is out of focus, no I don't care...

P. S. this is one of favorite pictures right now. It's a candid from the baby blessing.

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