Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heart Shaped Foam Wreath

Since I started putting wreaths on my wine rack, I need two valentine's wreaths right? So I planned on covering a foam heart shape wreath with yarn. Yeah that doesn't work. It has hideous so I gave up. I ended up with this wreath, I love it.
But originally it didn't look like that.  Originally I didn't know what to do once the yarn didn't work, then while sitting at my sewing machine, I realized I could cover it with strips of material. I then pulled out strips and made the insanely crazy valentines wreath on crack, it was a work on progress, so luckily I changed the material and made it look like the first one.

Unfortunately I like my ruffle wreath too much, so this wreath does not reside on my wine rack.
But I did add valentine bunting to my ruffle wreath. It matches perfectly with my valentines subway art.

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