Tuesday, January 22, 2013

$7 Headboard

I really wanted a headboard, but more than that, I really wanted to spend $0 on a headboard. There are some great ideas online on how to make headboards for cheap, but by the time you buy the supplies, its at least $50, if not $100.  Cheaper than buying in a store, but still not $0.  Sure there are garage sales, but you then have to refinish and such, and that is also more than $0.  So what I ended up doing was buying one yard of material for $7, using some left over batting, an old cardboard box, glue gun and a box of command strips for $5.  Sure its not the highest quality, but it was pretty close to $0, so I'm pretty happy.
I'm very satisfied with my results. I figured if a hotel could just have their headboard glued to the wall so could I.  Not only that, when I sit in bed at night and feed my baby, that cardboard and batting, do a pretty fair job of cushioning my head from the wall.

We just bought our down comforter earlier in the season, we love it. Our old comforter was a handme down my mother in law gave my husband before we got married! About four years ago, I put that normal comforter in a duvet cover, but it turns out after years of using a duvet cover, I hate them.  So I used my duvet cover as a dust ruffle to cover our box frame, which works well because I don't have a dust ruffle.  (Apparently spending money on my bedroom is not a priority in my life.  Our dressers are handme downs, of handme downs, four times removed, from my husband's great Aunt Anna.) One day before my children stain my comforter, I hope to remember to buy some spare white flat sheets to put on top of my down comforter, just like in hotels.  Yes, after staying in a hotel last spring, I thought this bedding is what better than mine, why not copy it.

P.S. don't mind the wrinkles.

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