Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Modest Barbie Dress

My daughter got a Barbie car for Christmas  It came with a barbie who had an ugly dress that also exposed her plastic panties to the world. So I decided to buy Barbie a new dress. Etsy has a fair amount of modest Barbie clothes, at prices comparable to a box store. But instead I bought an immodest dress that matched with the dress up barbie dress we already have. After about 2 minutes my daughter decided she did not like the halter strap on the dress, which meant now barbie was now exposing her chest.

 So after I dropped my dear four year old off at preschool, I sewed lace on barbie's dress for sleeves, then I figured she needed lace on her skirt.

I wasn't finished yet, I decided she needed a matching silver belt instead of black. It took me about an hour to do while watching tv.

 I think barbie now looks gorgeous now, instead of trampy, and the four year old loves it too.
Don't mistake my daughter's obsession with her thumb as dislike for the barbie dress, she really was pleased. So pleased in fact she now thinks she needs a Minnie Mouse dress up dress. 

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  1. I guess I need to start commenting on your blog. But have you seen these cute tuts. They are at the very end of that section. We should make some together.