Saturday, July 21, 2012


I might be a little insane.  Want to see my latest pre-baby craft?
First off a trip down memory lane. Last time I had a baby I made this shirt for the older sibling.  For some reason things get bigger and crazier each time. That "big bro" shirt took about 30 minutes.  Instead of a simple shirt, I did this:
Which also served the purpose of a coming home from the hospital outfit for my august baby. I couldn't find anything I like that seemed good for bring a baby home to a hot house during a heat wave.  I pray that the heat wave will be over by then, I thought a onesies and a light blanket would be perfect.  Who knows?
So big brother got a shirt.
 As did big sister.  She is super excited about her shirt and monkey, she loves monkeys.  Unlike my first born. Ignore the fact that you can see my tracing lines under the shirts, I guess I should wash them huh?
 Then the crown jewel baby brother's shirt.
 A close up on the embroidery.  (By the way this is not an original design. That's just not how I flow, and I'm pretty sure most crafters don't.)

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  1. LOVE IT!
    I helped my friend make shirts for my kids when my 4th was born, I still love them and they're put away nicely :)