Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas in July

Remember how we talked about how maybe I'm not so sane in my eighth month of pregnancy?  Well I figured I might as well make my baby a stocking now, instead of in a few months when life could be potentially crazier.  The stores are already selling christmas material so why not.  Well I got out my other stockings and I got out my christmas material, and decided I've never really liked my daughter's stocking.  So I pulled it all apart, and made a better one. It goes so much better with the family's pile of stockings.

Here is the before of her stocking, here it is with the whole family's stockings, see it just didn't match. It needed more green.

  Then I set about making my new son's stocking.  I absolutely love this christmas material, and find it very challenging to match, but I think the black polka dots worked well.

Oh and you were hoping to see his name... all in good time, my eight faithful blog followers.
So here is my happy little family of five stockings.  I decided I'm making a "the stockings were hung" board since I don't have a fireplace. (I bought my friend's Family Home Evening board, for $2 at her garage sale and am refinishing it.)

Then as I stared at the stockings I realized the embroidery on my firstborn's stocking has always looked awful, so I unpicked and redid that.  Plus I have never liked the shape of the toe on his, so I fixed that too.  Can you see the difference from the pictures above and this one.
Ahh, Christmas.

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  1. you are so crafty
    I just seem to nap in my 8th month