Friday, July 11, 2014

Mother's Necklace

Remember my mother's necklace? Well my mom wanted one but I am one of seven kids, so I didn't think it would look good, so I told her no. I few months ago I found a style that would work with so many stones.  She has July, June, October, December, October again, September (that's me!) and finishes with August. I fittingly gave it to her for Mother's Day of all holidays. 
It can go short,
Or long.  (Too bad this picture stinks, huh?)
So versatile.

 By the way I added a fourth stone to mine, since I have a January baby now. It was super hard to find fake garnet. I think this design is the best for three stones.  Two wasn't as good, and four is definitely not as pleasing as three, any more than four would be even worse.

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