Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birth Stones

I decided before Mother's Day my mother's necklace needed to be updated.
So I picked up some glass looking peridot-- remember I'm having an august baby.  Plus I must be "officially" showing because people come up to me saying, I didn't know you were expecting.
 I guess technically my necklace is backward.
But the first child is Amethyst for February
Second child is Turquoise, so it has two pieces of actual Turquoise.
The third is Peridot like I said, for August, and has three pieces. 
I have no idea what I'll do if I'm still wearing this and have more than four kids, because I don't think I could get more than four beads on a jewelry pin. 

Then I had a million pieces of green glass beads left over from the string I bought, so I thought I would make some bracelets, to herald in my new baby in August.  I felt so motherly in church. HA HA
I loved it, when I showed the necklace to my daughter.  I pointed to the Amethyst and said who is this for?  She said her big brother's name.  (She loves this game and everytime I wear the necklace she tells me who each stone/gem is for.) I pointed to the Turquoise and asked who it was for?  She said "ME!"  I then asked, who is this for?  Pointing to the peridot.  She smiled, and said umm, umm, umm, more smiling.  Then a light bulb went off. "BABY BROTHER?!"  Yup, its baby brother's.  Then she went off, talking gibberish about baby brother, as a pregnant hormonal mother it melted my heart. 

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