Friday, May 25, 2012

Teacher Gifts-- Cookies

Remember how I'm insane and sewed a million teacher gifts at christmas time?  Well I thought the end of the year also deserved a thanks.  This time I did not hand write thank you notes, like I did at christmas time.
I made homemade chocolate chip cookies for nine teachers, and I do make dang good chocolate chip cookies if I do say so myself.  (Or if I listen to all my friends.) Although I only had time for one batch, so they each only got 5 cookies, but I figured that was actually plenty.
This time I borrowed this graphic for the front of the card, and typed a canned message of my appreciation, printed it all out, and then folded up the paper.
Afterward I wondered if I was crazy.  I was talking to my husband about it, and he didn't seem to think it was odd at all I gave gifts to all the specials teachers.  Then I started thinking about it.  A few days ago, I talked to J's librarian for about 5 minutes. Five minutes was all it took to be extremely grateful this woman is in my son's life. She said how fun he was, and how she mentioned in the beginning of the year to the GT teacher he needed to be tested.  She said, "He is something else", smiling, "I'll ask a question, and call him and he will pause and say, well it will take a minute to explain."  I thought I'm so grateful she finds it endearing, because my husband and I struggle with this trait.  Point being, I'm so grateful for great teachers in his life.  As the librarian talked about him, I thought if this was Anne of Green Gables, they would be "kindred spirits". He keeps talking about how excited he is to be a first grader to because he gets to check out two books a week.
P.S.  I used Ghirardelli chocolate chips hoping for something that tastes better than Nestle, and the chips never stopped melting, and reset up.  Hours later, they were still gooey mess.  For some that might be good, for my children they found it annoying.

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