Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Insanity

Sometimes I have insane ideas, like being so impressed with my son's teachers.  As a five year old you would be amazed at how many he has.  A kindergarten teacher, a kindergarten assistant, a PE teacher, an Art teacher, a Music teacher, two librarians, a counselor (who meets with them every other week, to teach good citizen lessons), a technology teacher, and a primary (church) teacher, who he adores. That is ten teachers, I obviously couldn't buy ten presents, even at $5 a piece that is $50, but lets be honest by the time you add in the .99, and tax, it would be much closer to $75.  But I still wanted to do something for them. I've been super impressed with all his special teachers, he LOVES specials of course, but the surprising thing is, most of the teachers know him by name!  How a teacher who see 500 kids a week, knows the name of one kindergarten is beyond me, but I'm grateful for their effort.  I loved specials as a child, but they weren't actually fun, nor did the teachers ever know me even after years of seeing them.  It was a lot of alphabetical order and teachers not letting us talk. They have enough xylophones for every student in music class AND they actually get to play them on a regular basis! His tech teacher, encourages them to walk around the room and see what their friends are doing on the computer, she believes computer time should be a social thing, you should never do it alone.  Nor do they have sit, they can stand at their computer the whole time if they want.  Let me assure you I was not allowed out of my seat in computer lab, only occasionally did we try to whisper to the person above or below us in alphabetical order. So what I decided I could do was make them ornaments.  I made ten ornaments by hand!  What was I thinking?  That I was really impressed with these ladies, and it was the only thing I could do was to make them something out of my scrap material.
 The worst part was cutting out the material, but I endured and I made them each a flower ornament. Then I wrote them each a thank you not/happy holidays card telling them how I appreciated them in my son's life.
 But then I loved the flowers so much I made to make one for me!
On a side not encase you didn't realize how awesome our school is, he goes to most of his specials twice a week next year once he goes to full day school.  He has six specials that is more than one a day, and then half of them he will go to twice a week next year.  Yeah its a great school.  Not surprisingly we have less homework, shorter days and the highest test scores in the Springs area.  (That and affluent population, although we hardly THE richest school district.)

And if you look at the four posts previous to this, you now know why this is titled Christmas Insanity. 

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  1. Those ornaments are really cute! Want to post a tutorial?