Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm amazing

Yes that title seems a little self absorbed but if you read this post, you'll agree.  Ok, maybe not, but isn't it nice when people think you are so fantastic.  Its always nerve wracking when you send someone homemade presents, because you invest so much of yourself in a present, so its always nice to see them gladly received   
If you read Alisa's post, then all these pictures will be repeats, but Alisa's pictures looked so much better than the ones I took, so I borrowed hers.  I think I need a new camera.
First I made her pillows, with ruffles, because ruffles are big right now!  Then I made her a smaller pillow with a flower, because flowers are so fun.  When I made those ruffles I only broke one needle, so you know not bad.
Before I went shopping for fabric, I hunted Alisa's entire blog to find out what color her couch was for the pillows, how she decorated her tree.
 Alisa seemed to favor on red ornaments, so it seemed only fitting to buy red and white Christmas material for the skirt, not to mention based on the ads it was the height of fabric fashion this holiday.  But in my mind the skirt should be green like the tree.  So I did both, and made a reversible tree skirt. 
Then if you look at crafts on Pinterest at all you know that Monogram tree skirts are beyond the height of fashion, so I had to add it.
See aren't her pictures pretty!

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