Friday, December 2, 2011

Play kitchen-- what I'm not doing

I so wanted to make one of these nightstand play kitchens.
But then I saw the TV stand kitchens.
I thought if I'm going to make a kitchen I should make a kitchen.
But lets get real.  I'm I crafter, but not a diy-er.  I am probably physically incapable of making a kitchen from a TV stand, and would probably never finish my nightstand kitchen. I just learned how to put an anchor in the wall.  Do you think someone who barely found out how to put in anchor knows how to use a saw?
Let me tell you the correct answer, no!
But we do need a new kitchen.  Check out ours. That blue thing sticking out of the oven is the facet.  Pretty good that its actually with the kitchen, unlike the facuet nobs or the sink, or the oven door. Not to mention it is pretty small, about a foot, by a foot, by a foot and half.  But it work well in our tiny previous apartment.

Then I found this ikea hacks,
I'm so excite about these:
stool to kitchen
This is just a chair
I could actually make one of these.  There is no sawing involved, just painting, and maybe some screws.  But I just learned how to do that, so I can make these!  Not only can I put in anchors, I can hang a curtain rod.  Oh the dreams I am getting from these bad boys.  This is not a christmas present, I wouldn't have time, these would take me probably a good two months.  Not to mention our house believes in Santa Claus, so Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc do not bring homemade toys. Mommy is too needy for that, she needs the praise of eveyone knowing SHE made it.
Personally I'm thinking two chairs bolted together, one stove one sink.  Plus I want to use bolts or screws or something, so our stove knobs turn.
Two Ivar chairs, and I guess this Ivar shelf to go on the bottom of the chair legs, and two more of these Bekcam spice racks, some blecka hooks, a bowl with a flat bottom that I would glue on the top for the sink (hey it works in my parents bathroom) (no one in my house can cut a circle with a saw), paint, glue, screws and lots of time, because I'm dense. Then I'm done!
But then of course we need, Dunktig toy sets, the bakingutensils, pots and pans.
Wow, this is getting expensive!

PS Ikea Hacks, tell me how to make a fridge easily. With no sawing, or anything.
There is this, made with this. But come on, $80 for a play fridge? I don't think so.

Oh I found this hack. I could buy Fullen Sink Cabinet, get a top for it, put different handles on and make a fridge with that.


  1. You can probably get a real live working mini fridge for $25-50 in the classifieds and then it would work with magnets! :) Plus you could stock it full of soda and pudding for the kids to help themselves to all day long.

  2. That is a really awesome idea pam! But I probably would stock it full of food because I think it would be in my basement, so I would have to drill holes in the back, so they couldn't suffocate. But I did learn how to use a drill last year, so its right up my alley.