Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grammy's Present

I have a sickness.  I think Christmas should be more about sharing with people, then spending money.  So then I end up making pathetic homemade gifts.  There are lots of good things about homemade gifts but the worst is you feel bad getting rid of them.  So I'm sorry all you out there who receive homemade gifts, probably the best is you know the person actually cares enough to spend way too much time on something that would be very cheap if it came from another country. This is obviously for my mom, when I saw the idea on Pinterest I thought it would be perfect since my mom got to have five out of her seven children at her house in December.  Its probably been close to 10 years since that has happened.
And now we know now that I'm no longer making christmas gifts that I should spend my time touching up my baseboards.

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