Thursday, December 15, 2011

First set of Birthday Presents

My daughter just likes baby stuff, so I figured why buy her presents.  I bought her a used toy baby car seat. But it had an ugly princess torn cover so I figured I could easily make a new cover.  I made a new stroller cover a year ago. Yeah the carseat cover was hard than the stroller if that is possible.  They were both hard and I wouldn't suggest anyone do it unless they are committed. Then I made a matching backpack, after seeing Candice's post, in which she gets her directions from this site, I added width, but I also sort of wished I added length. I also am bad at following directions so I actually made the backpack one and half times.  Long story.  
But come on doesn't ever mom need a matching travel system for her baby?!  At least once in her life.
 She has been wanting a baby carseat for about two months now.  Everytime we were in the store and her brother looked at legos she asked for the carseat.
 Just for the record, I still have at least two yards of this duck material.  Does anyone wants some?!

1 comment:

  1. Good job.
    Your abilities amaze me. You just make everything.
    I just ordered fabric for the first time. I'm starting a little sewing stash.