Thursday, February 9, 2012

Snow White

Back in October I bought my daughter two dress up dresses at Goodwill.  All her friends had princess dress and she did not.  Individually they were a little less than $5 each.  But both need a little bit of care. I was willing to do it to save $30.  (These were $20 dresses new.)  The first one was Princess Fiona from Shrek, and once I removed a few things that had frayed it turned out to be a beautiful dress.  Her favorite is the Snow White Dress.  It turned out to need more care, I asked my mom to help me over thanksgiving, and still by Christmas it needed more work.  The bodice and skirt of the dress were fine, but the sleeves just kept shredding.  Imagine my excitement when I search snow white sleeves on Pinterest and found this tutorial for the sleeves. I spent less than $2 on material to make the sleeves, still I was on top if it worked.
That is not her doll, its her friend's and boy was she excited when she found it!

By the time it took me six hours I don't know if was a top of a good deal, but considering it was christmas break and I'm a stay at home mom, it probably wasn't too bad of a deal.  Not to mention I learned a lot while sewing these sleeves.  I'm pretty sure these sleeves should have not taken 6 hours, but I'm not a seamstress I'm a crafter. Plus if you haven't figure it out yet on this blog I'M TERRIBLE at following directions!!! Not to mention you have to start by making your own sleeve pattern which totally paralyzed me.
Part of the reason it took a long time, is did french seams, because I didn't want the dress to fray and I wanted it to be comfortable.  But part of it is I don't have a lot of practice with satin, it handles a lot different than cotton calico, so it was just hard for me.  But like I said, I learned a lot.
Unfortunately now, I think the sleeves out shines the dress, well the bodice.  I considered about replacing it, but decided it wasn't worth it, plus it made my daughter really nervous for me to be reworking her dress.  She was quite upset until it was done.  She loves the dress, and if I replaced the bodice she probably wouldn't love it at much, she LOVES the button.  Snow White stories are now her favorite in her Princess Collection Book.
(She also likes stories about "the doggie"-- Beauty and the Beast)

Even though it is opposite I think she plays a good snow white even with her fair blond hair.  Then again Marge Champion was the model for snow white and she definitely did not have hair as dark as a raven.

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  1. I bought a Rapunzel dress for my middle daughter for her last birthday. I didn't have the time or energy to try to make a dress for her, so I bought one of the $20 new ones. She absolutely loves it, for that fact alone I am glad I bought it for her. The cons though are that I ended up having to resew 90% of the seams, every few days there was another one coming undone (Disney doesn't believe in backstitching), and it has frayed so unbelievably, I also had to make adjustments so that it would fit her (one size fits all means that it will fit a rather plump child and not a small one). The worst part about is that she wants to wear it...all the time. Sometimes I intentionally forget to wash it so I can truthfully claim that she has to wait for it to be washed.
    Your sleeves look great. I've been thinking of making her another sturdier princess dress (Not that I'll ever get around to it), I'll have to look up the sleeve pattern.