Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do you know what this is?

Do you know what this is?
 A pinata!  A refrigerator pinata from Wall-E its where he finds the plant.
Did you hear the whole saga of the pinata, long story short there was nothing in the $10 pinata range that my son and I agreed on other than a present that was a square.  My husband said all along we should just make on and when I looked at that square of a present pinata I threw the idea out to my son.  He loved it.  My husband wanted to do a balloon pinata of Eve, but my son wanted a refrigerator! What 6 year old picks a refrigerator for a pinata? Mine.
If we were making a pinata I wanted it to be ruffly with paper like a real pinata, so I read all of Oh Happy Day's Tutorials, and dyed my white streamers with tea after seeing this watercolor streamer tutorial. The pictures don't show that our white was actually tea brown, to imitate the rust and dirt or Wall-E's world. I never got to putting a handle on it.  The pinata has a false back and the candy is behind the plant.
Brent thankfully helped me do the whole thing, I had never made a pinata before.  When we were finish I was unhappy with results, but after staring at it a long time, I realized it was the composition not the execution. Then my friend said, I love how creative he is-- in reference to him wanting a refrigerator pinata.
My son loved it, and that is what matters.

Oh course we only sang Jim Croce's Roller Derby Queen once or twice.
She is a five foot six and two fifteen A bleached-blonde mama with a streak of meanShe knew how to knuckleAnd she knew how to scuffle and fightAnd the roller derby program saidThat she were built like a 'fridgerator with a head

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