Monday, July 12, 2010

Cars and Church

At christmastime my mom and I made car caddies. Thanks to a comment on my cousin's blog, we found this tutorial. We used denim and canvas so it would be sturdy. They are in nice dark boy colors.
We didn't do everything the tutorial said like we have no numbers, and we didn't do a car applique, but I did think a stop light would be fun, but it wasn't so fun, because sewing circles are never fun. But we didn't make enough car caddies, more boys loved them and wanted them.
So what were we do to but make more car caddies.  Since we were at, we made two one for my boy and one for my girl, we usually use these in church and my kids fight over it.  Usually I'm not a mom of buying two toys, but toys for church are different.  The previous ones were too fat too fat in my opinion, they did get thinner over time as it was played with and squished, but still this time I used denim and calico.
We did the elastic and button finish this time, I just barely found these closures on blogs, and so I was excited to try, so much easier than tying bows. The first set of car caddies didn't have bows, but the my crayon rolls did, and its a pain to tie, I love the hair elastic sewn in with a button so much more. Speaking of crayon rolls if I was to make another I would have a folder over flap, like the car caddies, or the dry erase cozy.
They were so much fun another nephew of mine was playing with it at church at great grandma's ward and so we now have another order.  Oh the other thing we did differently is we made the pockets for the cars bigger, we did 17x8 instead of 6. I also try to fill the caddy with cheap off brand cars, they are lighter weight and so it doesn't make our carry bag as heavy, plus it folds up smaller.  We have lots of off brand cars mixed in with matchbox and hotwheels so...

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  1. What a great idea! I haven't seen these before, but that would make a great travel toy as well.