Friday, July 9, 2010

I made an apron yesterday.

I made an apron yesterday. I have been in need of a half apron, it is so hot when you bake in the summer who wants a full apron, but that being said, when I use flour I almost always get some on my waist. The tutorial was true to life it was super quick. I obviously being me made some modifications, I did not have a full half yard so I couldn't make my strap as long, not to mention the ruffle instead of the straight bottom, a pocket-- its nice to have some where to shove my camera after I snap a shot of my junior chef, and I tapered the apron, the top is slightly more narrow than the bottom, which is why it doesn't lay against my legs until like the photo in the tutorial.

The apron would suggest I love yellow, not the case.  I loved the fat quarter and the yellow was the only thing I had that matched.  I tried about every other material in my stores but had nothing quite matched other than the yellow. If I would have gone to the store I wouldn't have had time to make it yesterday.

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