Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My DIY Project-- Doll Stroller

I'm so trilled, I have a DIY project. Last night my husband inspired me, (isn't it nice to have a muse). Six months ago or so I bought my daughter a doll stroller second hand for two bucks. One of the straps that connect it to the stroller were broken, but I'm crafty I could easily fix it. And I did, three times, my daughter likes to sit in her stroller so it kept re-breaking from the weight, its made to hold a half a pound, not 20. My husband was discussing ways to fix it, when he said or you could just make a new one using something like canvas. My response "DUCK" I had some pretty pink duck waiting for just an occasion. I think it is so cute and darling. He is not sure it will hold up to her weight, but really what will?  So much cuter than any doll stroller I could buy.
Then I was having so much fun and the kids were in bed, so I thought why not make a matching diaper bag for the back.  My daughter isn't quite old enough to understand the joys of shoving things in bags, but she will in a couple of months. Just for the record, I looked up how much a new doll stroller would cost, and realize two bucks was a really good deal.
Then I realized it could hold two babies that way.  What is better than holding two babies?
Needless to say she was trilled when she woke up and found it.  As my husband said as we went to bed, its like Christmas.  She kept touching each baby, to show how happy she was it held two.
The funny thing about this whole project is, I didn't think the other doll seat would come off without cutting it.  Each time I had tried to fix the loop strap by the handles, I had done it with the seat attached. Then in the middle of making this, after measuring with it attached I realized it just slides right off the handles.  Silly me.  For six months, I thought this was unfix-able with a machine. Here is a before.  Thank goodness, I have such a fantastic inspiration. I love the fact that my husband inspired me last night.
Now I'm back to wanting to recover the ugly dora chair. Oh look more before stroller shots.  Not to mention I ordered too much material, so if my daughter got her own room in the next year or so she could have matching curtains.

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  1. That turned out really cute! I need to do the same with our stroller--the bottom is totally ripped up.