Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Before it is Unseasonal

 For the large third of July BBQ we had at my grandma's house, my son and I made Jello flags, with strawberries, blueberries and cool whip.  He had been asking to make these since anyone who gets a magazine for families, children, mothers, women anything has probably seen this design advertised. 

Our of course our jello flags don't look perfect, but at least my kid does (sort of minus the bruised face, messy hair, and dirty shirt). Isn't he cute? My son almost did the whole flag design himself, I helped a little bit with when to start and stop, but he filled it in himself.
Don't believe me, he later showed me this, he made sure to find a white floor to built it on. 

I'm sure my sister in law is grateful for a cameo on my craft blog.  J was pretty disappointed that both things of jello were eaten so when  my sister in law asked me to bring a dessert on the 5th to her house, I quickly made a box cake and repeated the design this time with raspberries, I like the raspberry look better.
In the words of my brother I got a lot of millage out of this design.

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